Thursday, September 24, 2009

a little of this and a little of that

although my brain has felt it lately!

It's been a whirlwind of life the past couple of weeks and we've been slightly lost in our own little world.

Here's a couple random snapshots . . .

We took Ava to the Pumpkin Festival last weekend in Morton and she was so much fun. I potty trained her 2 weeks ago today, so I was a little nervous how she would do. But she did great and stayed dry the whole time. She's been a trooper and I've been so proud of her. I say we're 90% there. Ava just had fun having mommy and daddy to herself.
Her favorite ride. We went down this MORE than a few times.

Daddy and his little girl

I'm still waiting on a few pictures, but here's a snapshot of me, the girls and my grandma maibach from our time up in michigan the other weekend. It was so special to be with her. Grandma is holding Olivia Mae (after her). Can you tell our first visit was after a car ride across the state?! : )

Grandma actually began her radiation treatments today. The results of her biopsy showed an aggressively growing tumor, that without any treatment, doctor's said gave a 3 month prognosis. With optimal treatment (sugery, radiation and chemo), 12 months. So our family is cherishing moments, staying prayerful and continually amazed by a woman whose faith, courage and stedfastness inspires us all. Our family did set up a caring bridge site for her that Grandma can read peoples' notes to her. If you're interested in sharing your heart, feel free to visit Please continue to keep her and Grandpa in your prayers.
And last but not least, my two sweet munchkins!

Ryan and I head off this afternoon for 5 days away WITHOUT kids. We're slightly excited. Although if you think of it, say a prayer for my parents who are holding down the fort with the 3 girls. Somehow, I think we'll come back to slightly spoiled little girls (and knowing mom, a cleaner house). But that's the fun of it - right! I wonder if it's possible to catch up on 6 months of sleep deficit in 5 days?!?!

I'll be finishing more of my "If I had twins again . . ." posts when we get back. Although due to alot of questions I've gotten, my next one will be for family and friends. Let me know what questions I can answer for you!


Minders said...

So happy for you guys to get away!!

Looks like you had a blast at the pumpkin festival!

How sweet to be able to spend time with your grandma. Thanks for the update on her!

mom said...

Amber, We sure hope you enjoyed your time away, as much as we enjoyed our time with Ava, Kate & Olivia!!!! The girls were angels and we tried to love and hug them enough that they wouldn't miss you too much! Dad did mention that he has renewed appreciation for what your days are like and for how well you handle everything! We love and appreciate all of you and are grateful for the special time you gave us. with love & gratitude, mom
ps Grandma had a good day today - and after 1 week of radiation/chemo, she is doing fairly well. Thanks for all your prayers.