Friday, September 11, 2009

Michigan Part One

For most of Labor Day, we were in Michigan with Ryan's family. His parents found this home that worked out great - it even had a pool that Ava LOVED to put to good use.

I think the pool and the fact that Ava got to share a room with Aunt Callie might have been the two favorite things about the whole trip for her. She thought she was pretty cool.
Kate was just excited to be out of her car seat and stretch.
Olivia checking things out.

Ryan and David intensely concentrating. Right.

There was a train track right near by the home and Ava DID NOT like how noisy it would get. Whoever she was nearest to got quite the snuggle as the train would go by us.

There's something about this picture I love - it kind of sums up how Ava feels about her Aunt Callie. She just loves to be around her . . .and doing whatever she does!

Kate hanging out at the bonfire.
Olivia just wanted her bottle.

Doesn't Ava look so grown up in this picture!

Daddy and Ava roasting her first marshmallow.

Kate and Olivia watching the pool action. If Olivia could have dived in herself, she would have.

Ava had LOTS of fun swimming and got pretty daring.

In action!

Kate and Olivia ready to try this swimming thing out.

Kate was happy as long as someone snuggled her close and played with her.

I love this "sister" shot.

Olivia pretty much just loved it. I don't think her arm stopped splashing once she was in the water.

Ava's first "real" pony tail.

"riding" Grandpa's bike.

Playing Candyland with Daddy and Grandma

Doesn't she look so diligent here?

Crosswords with Grandpa.

Playing with Grandma and Callie while we packed up for Detroit.

My sweet girls.

Thanks for a great weekend Mom and Dad!


Minders said...

Looks like a very fun weekend!

Aunt Jackie said...

Very special times, thanks for sharing the fun.

Anonymous said...

Oops, thought the pics were just of the girls otherwise I would have smiled : ) It was a fun little vacation!

A. Callie

Anonymous said...

We loved the time with our children and 3 precious granddaughters. And it was Lake MI, doesn't get much better. Lots of memories. :) Mom Prevo