Thursday, September 3, 2009

6 months old!

6 months old - unreal. But since I say it all the time - enough! : )

At their 6 month checkup:

Weight: 13 lb 15 oz (25%)
Height: 25" (50%)
Head: 41 3/4 cm (50%)

Weight: 13 lb 11 oz (25%)
Height: 25" (50%)
Head: 42 cm (50%)

For the curious who like to compare click here.

Life is a constant adventure when you're 6 months old.

Getting ready for the first taste of cereal.
Kate was not impressed.
Olivia was indecisive.

Loving their big girl toys! Happy Kate in action.

My bouncy, wiggly Olivia.

Since Ava started sitting around 5 1/2 months/6 months old, I decided on a whim to see how the girls would do.
So far, the pattern has become our nosy, wiggly Olivia likes conquer the world first. Kate is usually content to happily sit back and watch Olivia's trial and error process for a few weeks before jumping fully into whatever fun is to be had. It'll be interesting to watch them as they continue to try new things!
Kate's try at sitting.

Olivia's turn.

As much as they are wiggling, rolling and reaching, I have a feeling my days of a somewhat controlled area of play are rapidly dimishing. The positions/spots these girls get themselves into at times always manage to make me laugh. They keep me hopping! I'll try to snap a fun picture of the two to post.


Amy Cherise said...

It is so special to watch your angels grow it!! precious to be with you in MI. those days will always stay close to me. xoxo