Sunday, November 30, 2008

fun in the snow?!?!

With our first snow of the season waiting for us when we woke up yesterday, we were excited to see how Ava would react to her first encounter in the snow. So after her nap, we got her bundled up to head outside . . .

My purple marshmallow.
She thought it was pretty funny getting all bundled up. I just thought she was pretty cute.
First round on the sled? She liked . ..and quickly asked for more.

Daddy may be having fun . . .but the fun quickly ended for Ava.

GASP - Snow got under her gloves and she was DONE.

I think the whole experience from start to finish outside lasted about 5 minutes.

What we won't do for a photo op - huh?! : )

But we did manage to get out saturday night after we got back from vacation and bought our Christmas tree! Here's Daddy and Ava with our 2008 find. We're letting the branches fall just a bit before we finish decorating.

Florida, family and sunshine were lots of fun (minus being sick) . ..I'll post some pictures later this week! Happy Monday everyone!


Amy Cherise said...

what a cutie!!

your house looks so festive! i wish i could stop by.


Minders said...

lol...oh Ava! What a funny girl! Her 5 minutes of snow time was more than poor Noah got. He was such a crab after church yesterday that his consequence was not getting to go out in the snow. :)

Anonymous said...

The snowsuit is adorable on her! Can't wait to take her sledding down our hill at Christmas - and we will make sure the gloves stay tucked in! love & hugs from snowy Michigan, mom