Monday, November 17, 2008

so I had good intentions . . .

Just when I thought I would get back on top of blogging . . .I didn't. So here's my apologies to my loyal and faithful few!

I'm quickly finding out that I have a completely different stamina this pregnancy and so down time has essentially become just that: down time. I'm learning to stop and rest when I have the chance since our little munchkin below keeps me busy otherwise. I've been loving my time with her though . . .she's growing up and changing so fast these days! This is such a great age.

Ava LOVES to play with her dolls lately. The other night, she brought two of her babies upstairs and was adament that they sit beside her on the couch. I just had to laugh at the foreshadowing - if she only knew! She was quite proud to snuggle between them both.
Rocking and singing to her doll.
Feeding her doll a bottle.

Slight observation? Notice in all the "action" shots, Ava only plays with one of the dolls. She wants BOTH nearby, but only snuggles and plays with the one. We're just wondering if this is Kate or Olivia who is going to get the cold shoulder!

Our house is all decorated for Christmas except for the christmas tree! It's been so fun and festive and Ava loves the lights. We decorated the house early for my PC open house and then saturday Ryan put up our outside lights (don't worry any scrooge's out there - we won't turn them ON until after thanksgiving). But I told Ryan I think I'm going to decorate in the beginning on November every year now! I feel so relaxed with the holidays coming . .'ll be so nice coming back from vacation just to ease into the festivities instead of rushing to try and get things up to get as much time out of decorations as possible. There's something so cheerful about a home decorated for Christmas - isn't there?!!
Here Ava was helping Ryan sort through the lights . ..but once she had them around the neck, she kept refusing to take them off.
We have had a very busy last few weeks (which I paid for!) . ..but now things should slow down to a somewhat more managable pace from now to babies. So hopefully I won't be quite so absent from blogging land.

Happy Monday!


Minders said...

Welcome back! It's good to know you're still out there! :)

Ava is going to be a great big sister!

kasey said...

I missed you Amber! (As if I'm one to talk!) Ava is too cute!

Jamie Bahr said...

Hey Amber...I see some of that resemblance between our girls! Kelsey loves her babies. She sleeps between two of them each night. Scott started a routine with her where they "put the babies to sleep" before Kelsey can go to sleep. Unfortunately, he didn't warn me about this routine so I had a frustrating evening one night trying to figure out why she kept crying "baby" very adamantly:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that your back blogging. Love all the posts!