Saturday, November 22, 2008

morbid curiosity made me do it . . .

So for sometime now, I've thought it would be "interesting" to compare a picture of myself pregnant with twins . . .to a "same picture" from when I was pregnant with "just" Ava. We'll see how brave I am at the end of this post. : )

This time around has definately been an entirely different pregnancy - one big example (besides the obvious?!)?

With twins, the bulk of your pregnancy growth is supposed to occur the first half of your pregnancy as opposed to the second half. The reason for this, supposedly, is because babies get so crowded at the end, that they actually stop much of their maturing around 32 - 34 weeks while in a single pregnancy, much of the maturation process happens in those final 8 weeks.

I've been told to expect to be further along than a single pregnancy by anywhere from 6 - 10 weeks. That would pretty much sum up about how I feel; as at 22 1/2 weeks, assuming 8 weeks further along size wise, that would put me at 30 1/2 weeks pregnant.

I must confess, that there are times reading some of the comments you other pregnant girls make regarding growing that I just quietly chuckle to myself. But regardless of one baby or two, it's a miraculous and mind-boggling experience to sit back and watch your body grow. I told Ryan, only a Creator could form such a process!

I was 22 weeks on tuesday - which since I won't go past 37 weeks . . .means I"m over halfway there! My nurse practioner, while measuring me at my appt. was like, "Honey, you are about out of room here."

What else do you expect when someone 5'3 is carrying two babies at once?!

I had the additional joy of realizing tuesday that, as they weighed me in, that I have just surpassed my total pregnancy weight gain that I had with Ava, this pregnancy by a pound and half. : ) But I"ve felt healthy and that's my first priority.

Yet I've also read over and over that one of the biggest predictors of the babies' health and size at birth for twins is the mother's weight gain the first half of pregnancy. That puts me right around where I need to be which is what any mommy wants to hear!

I've been really thankful that, overall, this has been a healthy pregnancy. I've definately reached the point where I do have to be pretty protective with how much I am on my feet or how much I'm lifting (as my doctor sternly told me last week).

Both girls are still looking great (Baby B was still sucking her thumb on last week's sonogram), which is a praise in itself. I'm feeling lots of movement and Ryan was just able to finally feel the girls dancing around as well (always fun!).

I'm still relishing in my twice-a-week swim . . .I told Ryan it's the two times a week I feel somewhat nimble! : ) I'm very careful not to over-do it . . .as I don't want to have to stop . . .or put myself on bedrest. But it's nice to still feel some level of activity.

So without further ado . . .

This first picture is from me while 21 weeks pregnant with Ava.

and this?

Sigh. Ok. That was the same picture. : )

THIS is me 22 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins.

I'll let you decide if there is any difference. : )
No promises of any pictures at 30 weeks!


Luke & Andria said...

Whooo hooo, love it that you posted the same picture twice...I was like "wow, that picture looks so much the same" until I scrolled down. =o) I think you look very healthy and happy, and not THAT much bigger than with Ava considering there are two little sweet peas kicking around in there. =o) I'm glad you can keep the 37 week goal in your mind too, that's coming up pretty fast. Glad to hear the little sweeties are doing well; keep us all posted. =o)


Kirsten said...

you are ALL belly. I am always jealous of pregnant people that only get a belly... You do really look good, keep resting, if you need anything just let me know!!!

jill tucci said...

You look amazing Amber!!!

Anonymous said...

You (and the girls) look adorable!! So thankful you have been feeling as great as you have -another answer to prayer. Can't wait to see you tomorrow in Florida! I am really lonesome and ready to just spend time relaxing together! love and (bigger) hugs, mom xoxoox

Wendy said...

Amber, you really do look great! I saw you from a far at Logan and Ashley's wedding and was like "WOW she looks so small!!" Honest that was my first thought! I wanted to come tell you that in person and say hi but I was busy with my little Ella. Can't wait to see these little beauties!!

Minders said...

ch Amber I think you look great! I agree with Kirsten that you have gained all in the belly! You look
healthy and for having two little ones in there you really are not big! I'm glad you posted these pictures. After talking about it at Bible study on Thursday I was really curious too!

Have fun in Florida! Catch some rays for me... :)

Busy Mom said...

Amber--you look awesome! And have the beautiful PG glow. Have a great time in Florida!

kasey said...

You are too (two) cute, my pregnant sis-tah!!! Its been fun sharing this journey with you. It really is amazing to watch the growth. Daniel and I get a good chuckle out of it once in awhile (my growth of course, not yours!!!)

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

You are adorable!! :)