Friday, April 4, 2008

and so the fun begins

As Ava is getting increasingly mobile, she is also getting increasingly into things. Yes, I know, it hasn't truly begun yet. But here's one exploration delight my daughter had this week. The look of pride on her face when I found her (after leaving the room for all of 30 seconds) was pretty funny (and at least it wasn't nail polish ; ) ).
With the independence comes the independent spirit. Ava's new expression of dislike of anything (food, lack of mobility, etc) is this "face." The first night Ryan and I were laughing so hard that I think we encouraged it to be a request for attention. We're working on reversing that. In the meantime, here's a picture of your own amusement from when Ava was ready to get out of her high chair. I knew my daughter had chubby cheeks but this fully captures it! : )


Brooke said...

We love it! (Andy and I were both laughing) She is too cute.

Minders said...

What a girl! I love her cheeks!

Brooke said...

I just had to come look at her again today... I love that face- she looks especially kissable!

Jami said...

Oh Amber you just wait...! :)

Love you!

Baby Ava - you made me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

She looks wonderful from Japan, even when she pouts!! What insightful parents to so readily understand your daughters expressions and nonverbal cues in life - by the time she is 16, you will have it mastered! We will keep praying for you. xoxoxo Missing you all, and thanks for the updates - Lordwilling, we fly home tomorrow and will be closer to all of you. love and hugs forever, mom