Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My hero . . . .

Have I ever mentioned I've been blessed with the world's greatest husband? I can think of countless times in our married life that this fact has been confirmed . . .these past few weeks were no exception.

To say the past 3 weeks of mine have been stressful seems slightly an understatement. I had to play catchup on school (think 3 papers on top of things already due), study for an entirely written final for my crisis counseling course (which took 2 1/2 hours to finish) and in my spare time finish a research paper that upon completion boasted 18 pages of SINGLE SPACED utterings. Add in an overly extended calender (we never MEAN to), lack of sleep, and a baby on the prowl and you have a recipe for diaster or what I like to call "breakdown of a wife." But have no fear. Did I mention my husband is a hero?!?!

I can think of mutiple episodes on my part these past weeks of a few (ok, maybe more) tears and endless "I can't do this." Yet each time Ryan calmly took me in my arms, placed a kiss on a forehead and reminded me "we can and you will."

I can remember many piles of laundry, stacks of dishes, and strewn-about toys that I looked at and wondered, "when?!" Yet on multiple occasions my handsome hubby quietly took care of them on his own (even our sheets got washed and changed!).

I can remember more than one late night overwhelmed at the computer . . .yet making myself do "just a little more" as Ryan hung out as my moral support in the other room and checked in every so often to encourage.

I can remember an active little baby girl who loves to play and explore . . .and the world's best daddy spending entire wknd's on daddy duty (including early mornings!). . ..and his little girl delighting in every minute with her hero. I was just blessed by the sounds of their playing.

He's struggled through it all with me and celebrated the achievements along the way. And as I walked out the door to class last night to finally hand in my completed paper, he simply handed me a wrapped gift with the instructions I was not to open it until I was on my way home.

After class, I wearily got into the car tired enough to dread the 35 minute drive ahead of me. But I opened my gift to find a homemade cd and an incredible note from my husband. On the cd were enough "love songs" (think the fun kind, not just sappy) to get me through my ride home and wind to a finish as I pulled into our neighborhood.

On countless occasions in our marriage Ryan has not only picked up my loose ends . . .he has held them up. He blesses me in in so many ways. On our wedding invitation was written the verse, "I have found the one whom my souls loves." It is no less true today. Thanks love, for being my hero!


Minders said...

I think I may sweet! Way to go Ryan, for being their for your wife!

And I just want to say bless others too! Like today, watching my boys so I could have a little time to myself! You totally didn't have to do that and yet out of your servant heart and even after a very stressful few weeks, you OFFERED to watch them. I am so appreciative of you! You're a great friend and I love you dearly!

Amber said...

thanks mindy . was fun for me to get my little boy quota for the day (not to mention they were both jewels!)

love you too : )

Kristy L said...

What a sweet post! Now you need to relax and enjoy Ava! : )

emilykate said...

aw, you 2, i mean 3, are so cute!

Luke & Andria said...

Cute cute cute...thanks for the post. Guys with a heart after Jesus...the world needs 'em.


Anonymous said...

amber, Thanks for sharing your grateful heart. There has never been a day that we haven't thanked the Lord for blessing your heart and life with Ryan....and for blessing Ryan with YOU! What a blessing to know that God gave you to each other, and then shared His love with you, and Ava! Thanks again Ryan for being such a sweetheart - We love you forever, mom
Romans 8:28

Kathryn said...

Ryan, you are the best!!!!!!!! Hey if you need a hiur break or so, call me and I can take the cutie pie for awhile.

Anonymous said...

amber leigh, if you only knew how many times YOU have been MY HERO.. Your determination in life to not let the ugly take control but to turn the ugly into roses, Your zeal to love and be loved, Your ability to listen and comfort, and Your ability to enjoy a day doing 'nothing' (that is a GIFT)...I could on and on...You have inspired me to play with my kids and keep my heart open to love... I love you amb. xo aim
ps seeing pix of ava and your house make me miss being at your home with you three!!!