Monday, April 14, 2008

my 8 month old

Ava turned 8 months old last wednesday! I didn't post about it because Daddy won out that day (see earlier post entitled "my hero"). Every new week I see her learn so much. This last week Ava's become a pro at two things: standing and whining.

Let's start with the good: standing!! She pulls herself up on everything she can and is doing a great job balancing herself. She's quickly mastering moving from one item to the next. This morning she actually stood completely on her own for about 5 seconds - I think she shocked herself! Now if she could just learn how to get back down!! : )

yet with the good . . .comes the not so good. Ava has perfected the whine at 8 months (hmm, maybe this means she's had a good teacher?!?!). The funniest is when she'll come and cling on my leg, look imploringly up at me and start her sad story (ok, so sometimes, I don't find it funny). So instead of showing lots of cute pictures, I thought it would be much more fun to just share with you a few minutes of Ava's sad saga.


Minders said...

Hmmm...she sounds like Noah! Except he has a few words mixed in with all that whining! She sure is a cute little whiner though! :)

Anonymous said...

I was sure I heard her trying to tell you that she was so sad and just lonesome for grandma & grandpa Bahr....four more days till her next visit here seems like FOREVER!!!! Bring her here and that should take care ALL her whining! :) xoxoox grandma

Brooke said...

Annika was riveted...but she kept looking at me like "Mommy, what's going on?!" Such a sweet little whine!

the schros said...

Hi amber- loved the video- aren't they so convincing that their lives are just so hard? Have a good day -katelyn