Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yearly Ornament

And with that story shared, the rest of us each picked out our ornaments for the year.  Mommy and Daddy debated some of what to choose this year as this was a year we felt had held alot.  But in the end we settled on a new home ornament and that seemed fitting as God has really done a work in our hearts as we settled and made this new house our home.

Olivia and Kate pretty quickly decided on the same ornament with a little variation - a gymnastics ornament as they got to do gymnastics for the first time this past summer and LOVED it.  We're hoping to make a return this coming summer to it (mommy had decided that swimming was more important for now for their one activity during the school year).

Olivia and her ornament

Ava picked out a barbie ornament which was very fitting for her this year. (I feel about Barbies like I think many moms of boys feel about guns).  But for now she is 5 and thinks they are great. : )

Kate and her gymnastics ornament

Of the 3, two are still in one piece.  Not bad compared to some years . . .  : )  God bless crazy glue.