Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Christmas

My parents came in town to help us serve church lunch the last weekend in december. To keep things simple when we headed to michigan and for less hauling, they brought most of the girls' presents with them.  The girls weren't complaining and loved the chance to spend some quiet time with Grandpa and Grandma.  It was especially nice since Kate and Olivia were sick again (this has not been our year of avoiding germs).

Ava ready to open her present

My little artist was very happy

Kate and Olivia got smaller kits of their own.

Figures this WOULD be the first thing Kate picks up out of hers?!

Olivia showing me her paint

Kate checking out her new playmobil school

Olivia with a bus

And Ava with another part of the set - the girls have spent HOURS playing with these since then.

Well, when Kate isn't finding something to cut.

Thanks Mom and Dad!


mom Bahr said...

Thank you! - it was a special time for us to have Christmas twice with all of you!! Exciting time bringing the girls back home with us early - for you and for us!!!