Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Michigan Christmas - Part One

We stretched out Christmas a little further when we headed up to Michigan after New Year's to spend some time with my family. The girls were so excited to be with their cousins again.

Decorating some cookies


Auburn and me ...I may have introduced her to Downton Abbey . . .and we may have spent more than few minutes on this couch during our days there. : )

The girls singing Christmas songs for us

All the girl cousins

the whole crew (well . . .minus one :  ) )

Our family

Keith and Alisa

Ken & Amy

Dad and Mom

Olivia in her glory

Mommy and Kate

Opening up their stocking bags

Gpa and Olivia

My parents saved one present for the girls to open at their place

Princess legos

Circus Legos

Brynne gave Ava a bag of old clothes/shoes.  Ava LOVES her hand me downs (mommy too) and it was so cute to see her pull out and lay them down each item one by one.  She wore one of the shirts to school today Brynne - thanks!!

Addy and Olivia building together

Daddy and Kate

Ava's present was a horse set to play with - she has loved it!

Daddy and Kate's finished creation