Thursday, January 31, 2013

Celebrating Ethiopian Christmas

This year we were able to start what I hope will be a longstanding tradition in our home - hosting friends in to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas.  In Ethiopia, they still follow the ancient Julian calendar and as a result, celebrate their Christmas on January 7th.  They call their Christmas, "Ganna," and in celebration of Christ's birth, it is a day for families to attend church after having fasted the day before.  Then they celebrate the day with a special meal, games and time with family. Gift are extremely unusual as it is a time to celebrate Christ's birth and enjoy family and feasts. : ) You can read more about it here if you're interested.  I would love to be able to incorporate more traditions as our child is home and over the years.

We invited some families within our agency that have become like family to us.  Incredible friendships are formed as you walk through journeys that not only add to your family, but walk through journeys that change your heart from the core.  I have often thought I had no idea how one simple "yes" could change me so dramatically and I so pray it is for God's better.  These ladies have been such a part of that journey.  Not to mention it was so fun to see all the kids running around our house.

I didn't take a really good shot of the food but here's a little glimpse of the spread: we had a mix of Ethiopian and "American" - for traditional Ethiopian we had Injera (a spongy like bread you use as a utensil to eat your food with), Dora Wat (a spicy chicken stew-like dish) and two types of Shiro (a traditional side dish that is SO good).  It made my heart feel so happy seeing the kiddos enjoying the food so much - further spurred me to keep practicing and learning new dishes for our child some day.

A few of the kiddos eating (Ava wanted nothing to do with the picture : ) )

The mommas sitting around and doing what we do best: eating and talking : )

Even the men joined in : )

Seriously - how cute are these two!?

It was so interesting to see how much "A" just sat back and observed for much of the beginning of the night.  Sweet girl - she is so smart and doesn't miss a detail and you know she was processing.

Some of the kiddos playing in the basement. Still so sad we didn't get a picture of all the kids!

There's the smile we love!

How sweet are these two?!

Little Was had kind of a crush - couldn't blame him!

These 5 were hilarious all night - kindred spirits for sure.

Love these ladies and how they encourage us in our journey

Man shot - they may have been coerced but they're good sports.
So thankful for the good men in our lives!

It was even more fun that the Biggerstaff's got to stay the night.  Our girls ran around until 10:30 together, Was put up with a houseful of ladies like the pro he is and we loved getting to stay up and connect with friends. 

Sunday morning

These two were fun to watch together

Need I say more? Fun was had. : )

Until next year!


Mindy said...

SUCH a fun night! I love the pic of Was in the middle of the line up of girls! what a stud. :) Thanks for hosting - can't wait for next year!!