Monday, October 15, 2012

Horseback Riding

Ava LOVED getting to take Horseback Riding Lessons again this summer as a birthday present from Gpa and Gma Bahr.  Kate and Olivia loved that Miss Melissa was sweet enough to always give them each a short ride at the end.  Mommy and Daddy are fast realizing we have 3 little girls falling in love with horses and aren't quite sure what we're going to do with that. . . other Ryan getting a second job?! : )  It's been neat to watch their comfort level and confidence grow as they enjoyed each week.

My three cow girls

Kate and Daddy watching Ava ride

Olivia cheering Ava on

On their last lesson for the summer, Melissa got on Annie with Ava and let Ava experience cantering.  My little girl had a huge smile on her face the whole time.

Kate gets a quick turn

Olivia all smiles

Riding up to the barn to say good bye to Annie for now


mom Bahr said...

they must have some of grandpa Bahr's heart to love horses so much!

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