Saturday, January 14, 2012

my favorite 3

The other night, Ryan was working late. I had put the girls to bed and was relaxing downstairs. Ava had come down having troubles going to sleep and I'd given her permission to go read books in our bed as that will often relax her faster. The house was quiet (or so I thought).

All of a sudden, close to 30 - 40 minutes later, I heard a girl yell, "all done!" I was surprised but figured one of the twins hadn't been able to sleep, used the bathroom and need my help. As I headed upstairs and back to the bathroom, I glanced into our room and did a double take. A grinning Olivia smiled back at me, snuggled up next to Ava in our bed and reading books. Kate ran back there as soon as I was one helping her. I have no idea how long they had all been in there.

The three girls proceeded to lay in bed and quietly giggle in between Ava sweetly reading them books. It was one of those moments as a mom you can block out all those crazy and hairy moments that motherhood can often be (especially this time of year!). It was so fun just to listen to my girls enjoy their time together and thank God for the gift He's given me in them.
They were still awake in our bed when Ryan walked in the door much later that night. We finally kicked them out of our room to get ready for bed ourselves but because they had continued to love their time together so much, told them they could all have a sleep over in Ava's room if they settled down and went to sleep. When I finally went to check on them as I headed to bed, I found Olivia and Ava fast asleep in Ava's bed. Kate? Had walked herself back to her own room and her own bed. : )
Now if all moments in our house could be so sweet . . . : )


Amy Cherise said...

love my nieces!!! xoxo