Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michigan - part 1

We headed up to Michigan to spend New Year's with my family. Ava has told me different times she would like to see my wedding dress. My sisters and I got talking and we all went back and put on our dresses to surprise our kids. It was pretty funny to see the older girls reactions to styles and how they've changed in a "few" years. : ) Auburn and Sophie put on old bridesmaid dresses from their mom's wedding to then.
Ava (wearing my veil) and Mommy
Then Auburn went and put on my mom's wedding dress. We won't make too many comments on how she thought her grandma's wedding dress . . .was cuter than her mom's. : )
Ava had a lot of fun with it all. : )
The next morning, we celebrated our family's christmas.

Alisa and her family
Our little family for now.
Amy & her fam
Gpa and Gma
All the grandkids - feel like these all were just babies. Does that make me old?
Reading the Christmas Story - can you tell my girls were excited to be with their cousins?
In each of our stockings, my mom had given us girls copies of some of my grandma's old recipes. Those will be special to have and make with my own kids.
Brynne gave Ava her own "manicure" kit. To say it has been loved and used seems like an understatement. . . .as Ava now tells me I have to pay "real money" to have her paint my nails.
Addy got Olivia a new play doh set!
It didn't take long for a nail salon to be set up. : )


emilykate said...

So fun that you girls tried on the old wedding dresses! Kudos for fitting into them! :)

Tami said...

What a fun time!!! Your dress actually looks big on you! How's that?!?! amazing. :)

Mouseymom said...

loved this post! brought such a smile to my face! dressing up in your wedding dresses--HOW FUN! Love all of you!

Amber said...

You guys are good for the ego : )

It ended up being a really fun night . . .and worth it to see Ava enjoy it too.

Tricia - it's been too long!