Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michigan - part 2

After waiting and waiting for some snow, the girls were thrilled to see some snow at my parents when we got there. It wasn't much but it was enough to get them down the hill. They suited up on afternoon quick to get some fun in - it was a good thing we did! A day later, it rained and all the snow was gone.

Can you tell Olivia was excited?!
3 girls bundled up and ready to go!
Olivia and Kate heading down the hill
My sisters and I all worked as waitresses at a local restaurant. It closed just this last weekend so we all headed in for one last meal at "The Family Buggy." I can't begin to count the number of meals our family ate there growing up between all of us girls working there (mom and dad used to joke they had to go eat there to see me between sports, working and homework). It was so packed with others coming in that we had to split up to eat.

The boys plus Olivia. She had a ball!
The rest of the girls
My girls get wired when with people they love. Add the hour time difference and my girls were up late far too many nights. Aunt Amy went in and snuggled and read books one night.
On New Year's Eve, a big group of us headed out to go ice skating. Last year when we went, Ava was not a fan. However, she was super excited to go this year and we decided to see how it would go.
Our little girl LOVED it. She was such a trooper, kept such a good attitude even when she slipped and by the end of the hour, even was skating little bits by herself without the walker (those things are great!!). She was so proud of herself and it was fun to watch.
Ava and Daddy after skating . ...
It was a super fun hour of skating . . .until in the last 5 minutes, my mom decided to go around one more time with Ava and Ryan. I was skating right in front of them watching and before I could say anything, another lady and her little girl bumped into my mom just right into the back of knee and totally threw her off balance. Long story short? My mom spent part of her new year's eve in the er and a fractured ankle. Thankfully she's doing well and healing.

Later that night we celebrated a couple big birthdays (literally, ha ha)

My brother-in-law, Ken, turned 40 this month.
And my Dad turned 60.
Cole bringing out the cake
Ava helping Grandpa blow it out
Every one else had to head home sunday and we were staying until monday. So Ava soaked in having Grandpa all to herself to play LOTS of horses, rodeo and farm.
Yet one of many late night snacks of cereal at Grandma's house.
The crutches were bothering my mom so they brought up a wheelchair from the basement just to help her move around the house a little better. Kate and Olivia thought it was great.
Ava and Grandma snuggling and reading books.
Doesn't this just look like trouble?


Mindy said...

Looks like you were busy and had so much fun! Your poor Mom! What a bummer of a way to end a fun night of skating. :(

And yes, the last picture DOES look like trouble!!