Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat!

The girls were pretty excited by the time trick or treating rolled around!

One of the fun parts for Ava was that I bought her some makeup she could wear with her costume. She often begs to wear it and with the exception of a bit of blush or sparkles for a really special occasion, I always tell her she has to wait until she's big.

So I had talked to Ryan and decided to surprise her with this exception - she was so excited she slept with it the night before. We had a strict conversation that only mommy can put it on . .. and that Kate and Olivia are still too little. . . and that so is she for other days. So far, it's worked as I heard her echo it to Kate and Olivia herself. : )

Hitting our first house!
Kate and Olivia had no problems figuring out how this whole thing worked - they charmed our neighbors to the best of their abilities. : )
Me and my girls
Gpa and Gma stopped by to see the princesses and brought their own bag of treats. . .including an individual bag of Cheetos for each of the girls. A HUGE hit.
Happy Halloween!
Gpa and Olivia
Then Ava took up her post as "official" candy giver outer (is that an official term?!)
She stayed faithfully there the entire night, doling out the right amount of candy to each kid that came by. : )
Uncle David and Aunt Tara stopped by to see the girls too - I teased David if he had just come from work but I'll go ahead and say he may have modified the outfit a bit to emphasize the actuary part. : )
Beware the Cheetos monsters . . .it's a serious addiction around our house
Daddy and his girls . . .and their stashes

A happy Kate and her candy
Ava back at her post - she decided to sit inside for the last official 30 minutes.
Olivia shows up her stash
And with that, we were candied out until next year!