Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Numbers!

We were excited to start our weekend, this past friday with our updated numbers for the month of October! I had prepared just the place to share them:

That's 82 for the boys list and 108 for the girls list.

I was pleasantly surprised by our movement this past month. While our numbers are always fun to get, it's just always good for me to remember that while they help give us an idea of our timeframe, they definitely don't predict our timeframe. We'll be thankful for each step closer we find ourselves at though! Thanks for your continued prayers.


Mindy said...

LOVE the movement you are seeing!!! That is SO exciting!!

Amy Cherise said...

AWESOME!!! This is so exciting...praying for baby #4.

mom Bahr said...

It seems that God is keeping that 'boy' number your way.....has the 'girl' number ever been lower than the 'boy's? Praying God will continue to direct His little angel your way! love & prayers, mom & dad

Mindy said...

Bev- I'll answer your question for you... :)

In the almost 16 months we've been on the wait list I have seen a few times those numbers even out and some families are #1 on both lists! It's crazy to think with that amount of a difference between them that it actually happens, but it does! One month we had 10 girl referrals go out and I think that was the month those lists evened out (because some of them were on the boy list as well).

Can't wait to see where they end up!!