Thursday, November 3, 2011


We took all of girls to get hair cuts this past tuesday night. It was Kate and Olivia's first "salon" haircut and other than being very serious while their hair was being done, they did really well.

Olivia getting her trim
Kate's turn!
For Ava? Well let's just say we went in with more than just a trim in mind.
After talking for many months, Ava had decided she wanted to give her hair to "another little girl." She's been super excited to do it - here's one last picture of her long locks!
I wasn't sure what to expect when we actually went to do it. But my little girl amazed me. She popped right up into the chair, was answering the lady's questions and was calm as all get out.
About to say good bye to a good eight inches . . .
So do I have you wondering yet how it all turned out?!?!? : )
Come back tomorrow! (insert giggle on my part)


barb said...

Nooo... This grandma has been anxious to see her w/her new cut. Bet it's cute. You can e-mail me a pic and reveal it to the rest tomorrow. :)

Amber said...

OH but that wouldn't be any fun!?!? : )

I thought to myself earlier that maybe I shouldn't have emailed you a babysitting request today though . . . ; )

She's pretty cute!!!

mom Bahr said...

bless her little heart - anxious to see her pretty new look!!!

mom Bahr said...

just noted my Japanese time 8:29pm came on my comment as 4:29 am!! Hours apart, but our hearts are still with you! love, mom