Friday, July 15, 2011

Horseback Riding

Ava has fallen in love with horses and it's been so much fun to see.

She has such a shy heart and is often easily overwhelmed by new situations and people. So I knew something was up when the first time she encountered a horse, she didn't blink at its size and climbed right on. She talked often of it since then.

So after talking about it, Ryan and I asked a family friend if she'd be willing to give Ava some horseback riding lessons this summer. While she's still little, I figured it be a great way to encourage Ava to take initiative and to be confident in different situations. And I thought, why not encourage her comfort level around horses why she's little. We went in with little expectations but to have fun.

While Ava's shy heart was still there, she quickly fell in love with the horse, Annie. It was her first chance to ride anything but a pony but she didn't blink as I hoisted her way up.

A happy little girl
How little does she look?!
She pretty quickly caught on how to tell Annie which way to go (with some sweet help from Melissa)
Melissa was so patient and encouraging with her.
Ava's fans. I heard many times, "I want to ride a horse . . ."
Helping rub Annie down afterwards
We're excited for more!


Mindy said...

Absolutely precious!!! I can only imagine the joy sweet Ava had that day! You are such good parents and so good at encouraging your kids in what they love!

barb said...

Her smile says it all. Love her!!