Saturday, July 2, 2011


My sister and her family came and spent the saturday/sunday of Father's Day weekend with us. We haven't had the chance to see them much since their movie so it was so much fun getting to spend the time with them. My girls were thrilled with the chance to be with their cousins!

Auburn, Braden & Ava playing trains in Kate & Olivia's room

Kate & Brynne playing dress up in Ava's room

(why is your sister's room always more fun?!)

Ryan found this kit to "make your own worms"
It was serious work

Ahh, the little things that are fun . . .

Ava showing off her "worms"

(you can dye them with food coloring but we didn't have any)

Ready for church sunday morning

"silly face!"

Ryan and his girls

How thankful I am for his influence in their life!

There aren't many people Ava would rather play with than these two

sisters : ) (minus one of course)

After church I wanted to try for a family picture.

Bad timing. This is about as good as it got. Let's just say don't look for it on our christmas card this year : )

For some reason, this one was actually my "favorite." It's so real life it just makes me smile. Olivia obviously thinks she's getting her way about her space on the step and is quite happy about it. Kate is not. I'm intervening while Ryan and Ava are just waiting until I finally call it quits. : )

Can't wait to have you guys back!