Monday, July 11, 2011


After submitting our home study to the state of Illinois on April 8th, we were beyond thankful and excited when we finally got our approval on June 24th (a character stretching 11 weeks). It was definitely an answered prayer. And as with anything in adoption, we celebrated for a moment . . .and then rushed to get out our next set of documents that same afternoon: our i600a.

Our case worker at AGCI, just the day before, had really encouraged us to celebrate when our home study approval finally came in after the journey this step has been for us. So in the spirit of celebration (and in honor of Ava), I ran upstairs and put on my most sparkly shirt. : )

We took a family trip to FedEx and had the lady at the counter snap our picture. It may seem like a small thing, but this was such a praise for us after praying to be able to mail this form off for so long.

So what does this step mean? It means we're waiting on a date to be fingerprinted with the department of homeland security in chicago. It's especially exciting because once we have our fingerprints taken, we can finally submit our dossier to AGCI and get on the waiting list!

Our i600a arrived on the 27th - they say to expect a response with our fingerprinting appt generally in 2 - 5 weeks. So that could be anytime! Our fingerprint appt will generally be scheduled about 3 - 5 weeks from when we receive the notice.

During this whole process, there were a couple of weeks I just got really discouraged. The weeks, that turned into months, of waiting felt like such a setback. We'd hope to already be on the waiting list at this point. Yet God has really spoken to my heart about His perfect timing and the beauty of His sovereignty. He knows no such thing as a "setback." And as we continue to move forward, I'm clinging to the promise that He continues to go before us, regardless of what's ahead or how long it takes to get there. And regardless, it will all be in His perfect time: the right time.

You can remind me of that in a few months. ; )

At this point, it's my prayer we're on the wait list by the end of summer. My bold request is Ava's first day of preschool on Sept. 1st. That lets us stay on the 5 week side of both steps of the process . . .and then assumes our dossier won't need many revisions. I've been pretty diligent of asking for feedback with each new document we've completed these past 6 months, so I'm hopeful our dossier won't take long with any revisions.

So keep praying, we appreciate the support so much!

Until then, we'll just keep celebrating each step forward in sparkly shirts. : )


mom Bahr said...

What a special moment for you - and another answer to prayer with God's perfect timing for you all. Be encouraged and we will continue to be prayerful. Looking forward to being with you on your "Both Hands Project"! love & prayers, mom

Mindy said...

SOOOOO EXCITING!!! Rejoicing with you at the progress!!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you at the next milestone!!