Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fourth - Part Two

We had to start the 4th with our traditional family pose on the front steps

and a funny face : )
Then the girls thought they needed a shot . . .and Kate and Olivia thought that included them
the "big" girls
Then we headed for a fun day at the zoo

All the cousins ready to check everything out
Don't they just look like trouble waiting to happen?!
It's so fun to see these two becoming such good friends
We hit the penguins just in time for feeding
Checking out the snakes
These two are hilarious together: kindred spirits I think
posing with the "polar bear"
Olivia refused to join the picture
Kate insisting on walking

Then we hit what became our favorite stop of the day: the polar bear.

He totally plays to the crowd. They have a walk through in the middle of his swimming area and he would swim around and over us, showing off
The girls were glued. It was pretty neat to watch.
Ava taking a pose
watching from up top
another peek hole
my next favorite? was actually the groundhogs! They're just too cute.
They had these fun pop up's that the kids could climb in and watch.

Addy & Olivia
Brynne & Kate
Loved the zebras

and giraffe's

Olivia and Brynne cooling off with a frozen lemonade
a quick look at the gorillas
As a special feature for the weekend, they were advertising a Dora "4D" movie.

Ava was super excited - ready to watch with Addy
Grandma and Kate
Daddy & Olivia
The girls all loved it. But we had to laugh so hard as we glanced at Olivia throughout the entire movie, this was how she sat.
Thanks for a really fun day at the zoo Grandpa & Grandma!
one more shot of the munchkins
One last night to have fun being together
Until next year!