Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Party!

We celebrated the girls' birthday the weekend after with Ryan's family. It was a "Minnie Mouse" extravaganza.

Our sick girl finally with a smile on her face
Kate was most definatly feeling better : ) It was so funny to see them back in their high chairs but we needed their seats.

The yummy Minnie birthday cake

Ready to celebrate with everyone

Kate LOVES strawberries. Anytime someone would leave their seat for something, she'd RUN to their plate and start stuffing their strawberries in her mouth as fast as she could. Here she is gleefully eating Daddy's strawberries.

Cake time!
Kate's turn to blow out the candle

Olivia needed some extra encouragement

Olivia and Mommy

I think Kate looks so old in this picture

Ahh, it's the candid moments - right? Here's Aunt Callie, Uncle David and Aunt Tara trying to rescue the lost balloon. No such luck.

We played "Pin the flower on Minnie." The girls had a ball.
Kate's turn
Olivia's turn

And I was so busy laughing as I videotaped all the adults play, that I didn't take a SINGLE picture (I'm sure they are all SO sad). But what I did get was Kate and Olivia entranced while watching the adults take their turns blindfolded. : )

Then time for presents!
Olivia playing with the little dogs from Uncle David and Aunt Tara

Opening their present from Gpa and Gma

Yay! Now we have two trikes to ride around this summer

And of course, we had to take time to read the cards people write.

It was a great day . . .until Olivia started puking again that night at midnight. : )
Happy Birthday my 2 yr olds!


Mindy said...

Looks like a fabulously fun birthday party!! I had to laugh at Kate and the strawberries. :) So cute!

Amy said...

awww...2 years old....and it was yesterday when you were telling me you were having twins...priceless!!!! hugs to kate and oliva for being the more precious 2 year olds!!!! xoxo