Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday "Fun" - Part One

Kate and Olivia got to celebrate their birthday a little early when my mom came into town for a couple days. They were quite excited.

Waiting for Grandma to come - look like trouble, don't they?! : )
Excited to open their presents

Checking out their new dolls

Kate was very excited about new doll accessories

And Olivia? I think she was just excited. She had no idea what to do with the walkie-talkies, but Ava had fun using them with Daddy!

The morning of their birthday we had their streamers up and the fun ready and waiting.

Except Kate and Olivia missed the memo about birthdays being fun (in all fairness, they were sick : ) )

Checking out their balloons

They were thrilled. Really.

well, Ava was excited about it all!

Here's Ava reading Kate her birthday card she colored for her as Kate opens her present.
Again, notice the enthusiasm.

Olivia livened up at the sight of new flip-flops

Candles in a cinnamon twist.
Happy Birthday Olivia!

Happy Birthday Kate!

And with that, we were having so much fun, I made us take a break.


Jamie Bahr said...

I can't believe how big Kate and Olivia are getting! Love your fun streamers...where'd you get them? We do this every year but my son doesn't always like them :) I tried royal blue with green last year (pink and purple was just a little too girly for my taste) and when the blue streamers got wet they stained EVERYTHING! So, I am always on the lookout for fun (but not bright!) streamers come birthday time. Macy even reminds me that I better not forget her streamers. I love making special memories that can be so simple.