Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkin painting

Before the month of October was completely over, we had to get a family night of pumpkin painting in! I knew Ava would love it . . .but Kate and Olivia were right there with her. I think sometimes I forget how big they really are and just always think of them as babies. All my little girls had a ball.

Ava excited to begin
Kate hard at work

Olivia showing off
(speaking of showing off: one of Kate and Olivia's favorite things of late is showing off any art project they're working on in search of some praise. "Maaam - Loooook" is something I hear all throughout the day. It always makes me smile).

Such concentration : )

Some Kate Cheese

Olivia cheese

And cheese all the way around.
Let's just say it took an entire night and then some for these pumpkins to dry.

And of this just in time for it to rain 3 nights later and wash most of the paint off. : )
It's the memories - right?!


mom Bahr said...

Maybe God was just trying to give you another time for more memories with more needed painting! It looked like everyone was having fun...thanks for sharing the happy event with us! love & hugs, mom