Wednesday, November 10, 2010

halloween extravaganza

Halloween fesitivites lasted a few days in our home this year. I had a friend ask me how we feel about Halloween and I have mixed reactions. But I think at this point, we've come to the conclusion that it's much of what you make (and don't make) it. At the ages our girls are at, it's fun and innocent. Add in some intentional family activities with a purpose and we're enjoying the extra fun for now. So here's some photos of our family's fun.

Ava's preschool party was thursday morning. Excited and ready to go!
A cute bunch - wouldn't you say?! I told Ryan I had so much fun watching all the kids file into school that morning.

Friday morning was our annual trek to Daddy's work.
Olivia, my care bear, ready to go

Kate was pretty snuggable as my Lady Bug

Ava was quite excited to hang out in Daddy's office. She had Kate and Olivia sit in his other chairs and SHE got to sit behind the desk.

"trick or treating. . . " (although that would imply my girls said that)
We figured "dank you's" were good enough for now.

Snuggling Daddy on our way down to lunch

Sunday afternoon Ava and I headed out to our church's harvest party. They had fun games for the kids to play and the beloved face painting. Ava wanted me to match and I got her to settle for mommy getting a smaller butterfly.

Grandpa and Grandma came by with Aunt Callie to see our little trick-or-treater's off.
A quick family photo

Aunt Callie and Kate

Then we headed out with some friends for some trick-or-treating.
Right now, we only visit about 6 close neighbors before we're "done!" I'm waiting for the day my girls figure out there's a WHOLE LOT MORE houses and a WHOLE LOT MORE CANDY. : ) For now, I enjoy the simplicity and the fun of being together.

I think Kate was a little sad I kept making her only take one piece of candy.

And with that we headed back home to enjoy some pizza, friends and the fun of handing out candy. At this point, I think the kids (ok, mine : ) ) were getting a little sick of the pictures.

And this photo? I just had to throw it in for fun. Ava loves our friends' little girl Alexa. Alexa tolerates Ava's love and attention. Ava wanted a picture with her and I thought it pretty perfectly summed up their relationship. : )

And with that we were Halloween'd out!


Mindy said...

The girls are SO snuggly in their outfits!! I want to squish them some more! Such a fun night and that one of Ava & Alexa makes me laugh. :)

Brooke said...

I'm thinking back to a picture of Alexa and Ava on the couch when Alexa was a little baby... how time flies.

Ava is such a good cheeser for pictures! She's got a great smile.

Amy said...

only 1 more week!!! xoxo