Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a morning out with Daddy

Saturday morning, since he'd had SO much sleep, Ryan took the girls out on the town for the morning going to all the fun places in town that don't cost a thing. : ) Some of the pictures were too cute not to share.

My girls' favorite animals at the Pet Store?
Mice. Enough said.
At Best Buy, Ava discovered she loves a Wii. The fun part? We just got one! I have a feeling she'll better than me in no time once it's up and running.

Kate and Olivia already found the phones they would like someday.

Finally they ended up at Meijer. They have a small, motorized horse that barely moves but is free and the girls think it's GREAT. It's such a great incentive for good behavior while at the store. We've even used it as rewards for good behaviors going other places nearby.

Ava gets a turn

Then Olivia

Ava wanted a picture with her - doesn't she look thrilled?

And finally Kate.

Thanks for a fun morning out Daddy (from all of us!) : )


Brooke said...

What?! It's free? Why didn't it work until I put a dime in?!

Brooke said...

oh- cute kids too- sorry. Love the Ava cheese. :) Just annoyed with how challenged I am!

Jill said...

WOW! What a morning for you Amber! ANd the horse is free?! I had no idea, it will have to be my new bribe when we need to do grocery shopping!

Amber said...

It was a great morning. It had been a rough week so I enjoyed every leisurely moment! : )

And YES, the horse is FREE. I think they rig it funny on purpose. But if you hit the button, it takes a little bit to register, it then lights up and you can hit it again to make it go.

LOVE that I just introduced you all to this. It's my favorite thing (and so not exciting -but hey, it's the little things!) : )

Marla and Rob said...

Definitely trying out the horse next time we're there!! Thanks for the tip.