Wednesday, August 11, 2010

camping with Daddy

This past weekend we took full advantage of some gorgeous weather! Ryan and Ava have been planning on camping for a while now. We're heading up to Michigan with all 3 girls for our first full weekend of camping soon with Ryan's family and we thought we better let Ava get a feel for it in her own backyard first.

She was quite excited. Daddy gave her a new flashlight that I don't think she let go of for the entire 24 hours.
Watching Clifford before bed.

I told her to take the camera out and take some silly pictures for me (Kate, Olivia and I decided we preferred the comfort of our own beds for a little while longer). : )
Here's one of many shots I found the next morning.

Getting tired?

Just kidding!

Overall she did great. She fell asleep a little before 11 and was poking Ryan around 5:45 telling him, "It's time to wake up Daddy. It's morning." Let's just say Clifford was watched a few more times that morning before they came walking in the kitchen around 8. : ) She's pretty excited to camp some more!


Jill said...

I particularly like the portable DVD player included as part of camping. That may have come in handy when we were little and camping! :)