Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday.

Ask me how she is spending it?

Right here with us.
Last week on a whim, my mom called and said she wanted to swing down for a couple of days to see all of us. Ryan is in his crazy season of work so of course I was excited!

As mom was on her way to us Monday, I came down with an AWFUL case of the stomach flu. I really can't remember the last time I was so sick. I managed through the afternoon and thankfully handed my household over when Mom walked in that evening.

She's been a God-send ever since.

I'm always thankful for my mom.

But this year on her birthday, I'm exceptionally grateful for her.

There is no way I could have managed - and she was as much a blessing to me as she was to Ryan and my girls. He was able to stay focused at work and our girls got more than a little spoiled.

So last night we threw as much of a party as we could handle . . .and celebrated with a little dairy queen.

Well they ate their dinner . . .and I ate my ice cream. Got to recover gently you know?!

Mom, thank you doesn't quite begin to touch the surface of how grateful we are for all you've done this past week. God couldn't have designed the timing of your "spontaneous" trip any more perfectly. Thanks for the mom and grandma that you are.

We love you and Happy Birthday!


emilykate said...

How great that God made sure you had help during that time! Moms are great. I know we've said this before, but for some reason I just feel like I can connect to your mom b/c she reminds me so much of my mom. :)
Love ya!

Amber said...

I agree Emily. It must be why I've always liked your mom. ; )

Brooke said...

Happy birthday, Bev!

Amy said...

we have the dearest and sweetest mom!!!!

mom Bahr said...

I was blessed to spend my birthday with you Amber and to enjoy all the angels under your roof (and to have a birthday lunch with Alisa and their angels!!) And, yes..the Dairy Queen blizzard was the 'frosting on the cake'! I'm thrilled to enjoy such simple pleasures! God must have known that I needed all of you as much as you needed me - how precious!!
Once again God took care of all the details of our heads to Chicago for mission meeting, I head to Illinois to be with family....and get to extend my stay to make sure everyone is healthy and taken care of! When I headed home yesterday, my heart was blessed beyond measure - and I was excited to return home to dad who blessed my heart all week encouraging me to stay with you and just 'be there for you'! What a sweetheart!!!! Hope you all are having a restful (and healthy) weekend! love forever, mom
ps Thanks Brooke for the birthday note, and thanks Emily for your kind words - I have much love for you and your mother also!