Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy (half) Birthday!

Someone turned 2 1/2 today and was quite excited at the idea that today was her half birthday!

(warning: between Daddy's long hours and Ava's obsession with pajamas, I give fair warning that anyone who randomly stops by will most likely find us as above on most weekdays until after nap time. : ) )

I can't begin to describe how often I am blown away at how much this "little girl" seems to grow up every day.

Ava is such a first born - a natural inclination to lead and mother others and who loves to accomplish and try new things.

As I "speak," she has "borrowed" my camera and is cooing, clicking and baby talking to her sisters to try and get them to smile for a picture. It makes me smile (although I suppose I should be responsible and rescue the camera?).

She loves to help - when everything can be rapidly going down hill, all I have to do is ask her to help me make something. In a second, she has a chair pulled up to the counter, hands ready to help (and mess) and a ready and willing spirit. She's quite fun to have work alongside me.

Lately I've been so struck at the fact that despite a strong-willed spirit and LOTS of emotions(lets just say she'll make a fabulous christian someday . . .grounded and passionate in what she believes), at how much her heart loves reconciliation.

Even in our roughest moments, she loves to make sure that we "hug and kiss" and is quick to utter "I'm sorry mommy. . . " even long before the punishment is given. It can make it hard at times to follow through. : )

This morning, she made this mommy heart especially melt.

I was exhausted and had a headache and was struggling with a "cheerful attitude." After a few less than kind moments, I turned to her and apologized.

I said, "Ava, mommy's very tired this morning. And I've been grumpy. But just like mommy tells you that we shouldn't be grumpy even when we're tired. I shouldn't be either. I'm sorry."

Without missing a blink, Ava leaned over and hugged me with the most "motherly" and gentle of hugs, planted the sweetest kiss on my forehead, and whispered, "I love you mommy."

How thankful I am for Ava and her huge heart.

I love you Ava Cherise. I can only imagine you at 3 and pray your heart stays so soft towards reconciliation as it is today.


Minders said...

Awww...what a sweet story from this morning! That warms my heart!

Happy half birthday Ava! You are such a big helper - even gracious enough to help me put Levi to bed the other night! :) You are such a fun girl and we all love you!

Amy said...

You are an awesome mom to ava! Tell ava 2 more days for mail!! I love you, ava cherise!!!

mom Bahr said...

Happy 1/2 year birthday little Angel Ava! We thank God for you every day (along with all the other angels in your home! :) Hundred of hugs & kisses, grandma Bahr

Dad said...

Out of the hearts and mouths of babes - this is beutiful. Thanks Amber for also sharing the teaching moment. Ava is learning from a wonderful mom. Much love, Dad