Thursday, February 4, 2010

11 months old!

Sentimental sigh.

I'll spare you anymore! ; )

But the girls were 11 months old yesterday!

Olivia (left) and Kate (right)
They are absolutely more fun every single day.
They have such a fun sense of humor, are busy as ALL get out and keep this home hopping whether mommy is ready or not.

Both girls love to try and imitate sounds, sign "more," love to play "peek-a-boo" in any form, squeal at an open doorway or stairway and BAWL at a closed one, are quick to bestow kisses and snuggles and can be found doing their "squats" on a regular basis as I say. For some reason they love to stand on their own and their bounce is so slow motion you'd think they'd seen a few too many Jillian Michaels videos. It makes me laugh.

Olivia is slightly more verbal than Kate. She loves to explore and imitate any sound she can - growling, "boo," "ma ma (she is my mommy's girl)" and can climb up the stairs before I can barely turn my head. She gets ecstatic at the mention of going "by-bye" or if you strap her in her car seat. She's up for anything and everything new. . .as long as mommy is somewhere around. : )

Kate is what I lovingly refer to as my "destroyer." I don't know what is so exciting about it all but she LOVES to empty things. And when she starts, she goes full force until the task is complete: the toy box, container of wipes or the discovered garbage can (lovely - huh!?). She's actually much steadier on her feet than Olivia and will try and step or two every now and then. Olivia has no interest in anything other than standing. I think walking may be the area that Kate accomplishes first! She is a little more a daddy's girl and we hear her babbles of "da, da" quite often.

It's so fun to see them BOTH light up and race towards the door when their daddy walks in from work! I am continually amazed every day at the increased level of intellect I see behind their actions. They're growing up before my eyes and it's so neat to see. So thankful for my 2 healthy and happy baby girls!

And speaking of my growing babies?

Ryan and I have found that all 3 of our girls start reaching the ability to understand and obey directions around 10 months. So that's when we really start working to teach them to obey. And sure enough, it's been these past few weeks I see it all taking effect . . .even when it's hard. : )

So here's a little glimpse of how hard it is to grow up . . .and a tiny glimpse of the complete FUN that twins bring to our house. There's nothing quite like it.

I love you Kate and Olivia!


Minders said...

Oh my, I am totally laughing! They are so funny! First, I love their delayed reaction to your "no, no's!" It's like they hear it, process it, then decide to cry. :)

And the kisses - ADORABLE!! And...cough, cough...Ava surely isn't watching Full House in the background is she?! ;)

Loved the video, thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Oh I know the feeling...Liam is 10.5 months old and I am teaching him NO. He wants to go up the stairs and touch the dishwasher as well. I sternly say No and he sobs in sadness just like your girls. OH but how much easier it will be when they get older if we teach them NO know:). Your girls are growing so fast!!

Kristy said...

So cute- I love it! I am dying laughing! My fave is at the beginning when Olivia is crying, then Kate cries and Olivia looks back at her like "Why are you crying? This is my problem?" I've watched that part several times. : ) Love the kisses and these girls!

Amber said...

Full House . . at OUR house?! Never. : )

Call me caught. : )

Minders said...

LOL I thought I had you! :)

Katie said...

I can't beleive that they are almost 1. You have done a terrific job as a mommy and wife.