Thursday, December 17, 2009

9 month old pictures?!?! kind of.

I figured when I got my's weekly update for my 9 month and 3 week old babies, it was time to get some new photos up. : )

Sorry for the silent blog of late.

Many of you know but my grandma passed away the day before thanksgiving.

So between time spent in michigan and coming back and trying to catch up with the holidays, blogging has been the thing that went.

And truth be told, my heart wasn't in it and I was quite ok with that.

Thanks for the many sweet words, cards and hugs.

I miss Grandma. I'm so thankful she's home for christmas but I miss her. And I wasn't quite ready to write about it. One day I want to. And I will.

But today?

Today's catch up time.

Shortly after the twin's 9 month bday (Dec. 3rd), I tried to take some pictures.

At 9 months old these two little girls are all action and fun. I thought it would be more fun to just show the attempts.

Kate Amber
17 lb 3 oz (30th Percentile)
26" (20th Percentile)
Olivia Mae
16 lb 11 oz (25th percentile)
27" (50th percentile)
To see Ava at 9 months, click here and here and here and here
(can you tell I got sentimental looking back?) : )
And here we go.

Attempt #1
Who does their hair? Seriously.

And so it begins to unravel.

For real mom? MORE?!?!

So then I moved them to the floor.
I know many of you have always thought they look identical. I haven't.
I know I'm the mom and all, but while I always thought they looked alot of like, I didn't think they were identical. In the past month, my mind has changed.
We're hoping to get a test down to have definitive answer soon, but for now, when people ask, I've changed my answer from "I don't think so" to "I do think so." I can still tell them easily apart but think they look more alike as they get older.
They thought they were hilarious playing a game of peekaboo and crouching up and down to play. Don't they know I have a blog to publish?

Can you tell me who is who?
Oliva (left) and Kate (right)

Attempt #2. Surely with Daddy around to help it will be better?

HA. Bet I made a Grandma or two nervous. : )
No worries.
Daddy was catching the adventerous child.
And people wonder if I have anything to do with all my free time?
Just trying keeping up with these two. : )


Minders said...

Oh girls, you are so stinking cute!!! They really look SO different than Ava. I've always thought that but to see the pictures right after the other you really see the difference.

I am glad to say that you think they are looking more similar as they get older because I've totally thought that and it makes me not feel as bad when I can't tell them apart. ;)

Love you girls!!

mom Bahr said...

God bless Ryan catching Kate! How fun to see the pictures!! Dad was saying last night how exciting it will be to see how all the girls have changed in the last couple of weeks since they were here - they are growing up SOOO fast! Can't wait to see you all soon! love & hugs, mom