Thursday, December 17, 2009

it's busy being 9 months old.

Don't believe us? You should try it.
Trying out scooting (Olivia approved).
Then letting your sister take a turn.And helping to push.

Waiting for Daddy to come home.

Getting in your sister's toys.

Making beautiful music on the noisy fireplace screen.

Practicing "SOO Big."

And clapping for your sister YET AGAIN.

Getting into MORE of your sister's toys.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . .

Helping with the dishes.

Watching the train.

Trying to pack on the weight. Mommy says chubby babies are cute.
Who is she kidding?! It doesn't get cuter than this!

How can you not love these two?!


Brooke said...

Oh my GOODNESS. They are too cute and have such great grins.

amy said...

love these pix. it seems like the twins overnight went from babies to little girls too!! love the pix with you and ava making the tree - she reminds me so much of you!! xoxo

Jessica said...

Ok, when did your girls grow up??? My goodness!! So sweet :)

mom Bahr said...

My favorite is 'mirror, mirror on the wall' - that is a kodak classic!! (or Hallmark!) All the pictures are delightful -but better yet, will be when you are here and we can see all these Kodak moments in real life!! love & hugs forever, mom

Minders said...

They are too cute for words!