Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Night, Care Bear.

Ava loves her care bear. ALOT.

This poor ratty treasure is her security blanket and is cuddled and snuggled everywhere her mommy will let her (which is usually just to bed and new places to sleep).

Last night, for some reason UNKNOWN to Ryan or myself, Ava was not tired.

By 11:45, she still had not gone to sleep.

It wasn't that she was being disobedient.

It wasn't that she'd had caffeine or lots of sugar.

The child simply wasn't tired (my mother is laughing right now).

Finally, because it was time for US to go to bed, I let her climb into bed with us for a while with some books hoping she'd relax more.

She read beside me for a while.

Around 12:15, Ryan turned his light out and rolled over to go to sleep.

By this time, Ava was pretty relaxed.

A few minutes later, I see Ava put her book down and lay quietly for a moment.

Then, out of the very corner of my eye, I see and hear Ava subtly lean over and give Care Bear the most gentle kiss ever as she quietly whispered, "Good Night Care Bear."

And with that briefest of gestures, I whispered a prayer of thanks to God that He had kept her up so I could witness such a moment as my mommy heart melted.

Ava loves her care bear, yes.


mom Bahr said...

Amber, I didn't laugh, I almost cried - how precious! I do have vivid memories of a little girl at our house that sometimes thought sleep was an option, not a necessity! Count your blessings that Ava still takes naps at 2 years old and 'most' nights goes to sleep at a decent hour! love & hugs, mom

Minders said...

Oh, Ava, we love you!

amy said...

this is the most adorable post. ava has a tender heart like you!! hugs from auntie amy!!!

amy said...

i just had to look at this post again - i love this pix of ava cherise!!! xoxo

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