Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fourth of July Fun Part Three

For one last fun outing before Ken and Amy had to leave us well, we took the crew to a Cornbelters game.

Enjoying some jumping fun

About ten minutes, Ava looked at me and said, "This is boring."  I thought we were in trouble for it wasn't about to get much more exciting to watch.

But within about ten minutes more, our girl had decided this was fun after all.  And we proceeded to have a super fun night.

Two giggly little girls in front of me

Cousins at a baseball game make it lots of fun!

Kate wanted a picture with mommy and dad too

These two were so fun to watch - I think there may be an iphone somewhere with at least 100 pictures of this pair.  I underestimate before I exaggerate.  Hilarious.

The twin's favorite part?  At the end of the games on friday nights, they let the kids run the bases before letting them watch fireworks from the field.  They ran around 3 times in a row before getting upset when I told them they had to stop because all the lights were about to be killed for the fireworks to start.  They seriously need to be in cross country some day.

Then as they were packing up on saturday we decided we weren't ready to admit they were leaving.  So we headed to the water park - makes sense to me!

Happy girl on the slide

Cousin fun in the sand

Olivia took a try down the slide!

Sigh . . .last snuggles on the couch

I love this shot of Ava - in her glory with a dog to love on.

And my sad little girl telling him good bye.  He is so good to her.

Then Ava decided we needed a picture of the adults (with picture wall in place - hurray!)

Until next year - good bye's are never fun.