Tuesday, August 7, 2012

it started just with bangs . . .

I can't hardly believe I'm about to publish this post . . .as it means it's real.  Gulp.

As many of my friends are aware, Kate thought it would be fun to cut herself some bangs this past friday.  

You see, when you're an identical twin, situations like this are extra interesting.  Do you give your girls different hair cuts?  Do you just finish the bangs on one and not the other?  Suddenly one dynamic affects the other.

Some of my friends suggested asking the girls what they wanted to do which was such a good idea.  Both girls very quickly and emphatically said they wanted their hair cut the same.  So that took care of one question.

But the girls (and myself) have been growing hair out to donate.  Ava did hers last fall.  I've been stalling on the twins because they let me do things with their hair and have really easy hair.  The thought of cutting it was a little painful for this momma.  But as we were making appointments to get their hair cut, I thought, if we're already paying for the cut, maybe we just needed to do it.

(in case I hadn't mentioned that already).

I know. I know.  Melodramatic (I am a mom of 3 girls you know).  

It's just hair.  It will grow out again.

But it's my babies.

So we asked them again if they wanted to keep it long or cut it short.

Oh my.  HOW they said they wanted to cut it short (the fact that big sister just got it cut shorter) may have helped influence the choice.

Never the less, they insisted and so in the name of a great cause, Mommy agreed with a few inward tears.

Had to add that last line in just for a little extra drama. : )

Kate and Olivia were SOOOOO excited.

We lined up at home for "before" shots

Kate and Olivia

Oh these monkeys

One last look . . .



Then it was off to the salon.  Even the ladies there were a little sad to cut it.

Olivia's pony tail ready to go

Ta Daa!

Getting her first salon wash.  They thought this was SO cool

Kate excited for her turn

Her hair was actually a touch longer

Proud of her pony tail

And her turn for a wash

Kate getting styled

Olivia checking this all out

The very happy and excited Olivia

Kate actually originally had a longer cut than Olivia.  When the stylist was done, she showed them each other and asked Kate if she liked her hair or wanted it shorter just like Olivia.

"Just like Olivia," Kate answered. And so she did.

The happy twin

My big girls.

So proud of them and kind of crazy about them no matter how long/short their hair is.

I think they're pretty cute.

time for the fair

We headed out this past weekend for our yearly trip to the county fair.  The girls always love it - the animals, the rides, the fun.  And mom and dad are glad it's only once a year so we can save up for next time. : )

Started out the night with face painting - always a favorite.

Ava "milking" a cow - the girls always love all the hands on attractions they have for the little kiddos and all the baby animals to pet

After we spent long enough at the horse barn (the only animal my girls really care is there : ) ), we headed out to enjoy a few rides.

The trucks - a favorite from last year

They ventured on to the mini ferris wheel this year and loved it

A quick slide down the tiger

Finished by a twirling dinosaur

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Numbers!!

We are SUPER thankful with the movement we saw this past month!  

Our agency has partnered with a new orphanage and it's been a joy to watch several waiting children find families who have been praying for them and hoping for them.  What a praise to know kids who have been waiting will now have a family to call their own. . .and what a call to prayer as we think of the grief caused in their need for a family and the healing still ahead and God promises to be in. We don't know what yet lies ahead but we are so thankful to know God continues to show He is faithful.

And so . . ..

Girl Number: 70 (13 spots!!)
Boy Number: 51 (11 spots!!)

That's as much movement in one month as we've seen 4 -5 months AT A TIME at some points!  

We're now starting to have to redo a fair amount of our paperwork for renewals and updates we need to do in the coming months.  In one week, we will have been "officially" waiting for one year and 21 months since we sent in our first piece of paperwork.  As we face some of this again and just seek God's will for our family, will you keep us in your prayers? We're trusting God to be in the details and timing as our family continues to unfold and grow.

So thankful for each of you who have loved us, supported us and prayed us this far!

dirty pajamas?

no worries!

That's what Daddy's shirts are for.

Got to love the giggles this one brought.

Kind of makes me want to skip laundry tomorrow . . .  ; )