Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Numbers!!

We are SUPER thankful with the movement we saw this past month!  

Our agency has partnered with a new orphanage and it's been a joy to watch several waiting children find families who have been praying for them and hoping for them.  What a praise to know kids who have been waiting will now have a family to call their own. . .and what a call to prayer as we think of the grief caused in their need for a family and the healing still ahead and God promises to be in. We don't know what yet lies ahead but we are so thankful to know God continues to show He is faithful.

And so . . ..

Girl Number: 70 (13 spots!!)
Boy Number: 51 (11 spots!!)

That's as much movement in one month as we've seen 4 -5 months AT A TIME at some points!  

We're now starting to have to redo a fair amount of our paperwork for renewals and updates we need to do in the coming months.  In one week, we will have been "officially" waiting for one year and 21 months since we sent in our first piece of paperwork.  As we face some of this again and just seek God's will for our family, will you keep us in your prayers? We're trusting God to be in the details and timing as our family continues to unfold and grow.

So thankful for each of you who have loved us, supported us and prayed us this far!


Jill said...

SO excited for you guys! I continually keep your family in my prayers as you wait for your little one! It's so wonderful to see those numbers getting smaller and smaller!!!

mom Bahr said...

What exciting news! so prayerful for all of you!

Colin and Jess said...

Love the new numbers! This months's progress has been really encouraging to me--we are adopting siblings from Ethiopia and are just in our dossier process.

Can't wait for your referral!