Friday, June 22, 2012

saying "good bye"

Being the age of our girls (and the fact that one is SUPER sentimental), we really tried to do alot to let our girls process what was happening and helping them "say good- bye" to our house.  At the beginning of our serious packing up, I took Ava upstairs and said I wanted to get a picture of her in her room so she could remember what her room was like.  Well my first born immediately insisted she just wanted to take pictures of her room herself.  So sorry for the following picture book . . .this is more for our memory than your entertainment. : )  Let's just say you aren't even seeing half the pictures my sweet girl took of EVERY facet of her bedroom.

Her bookshelf
 Barn and trailors
 Her night stand
 Her shelf of her nightstand (I spared you the look inside her drawer and some close ups of some favorite items)
 Her dresser : )
 One of her shelves
 can't forget her step stool
 the curtains
 and growth chart
 I'm sure you're disappointed you didn't see the closet (every angle), the door, the door handle, the light swtiches . . . .get the point yet?! : )

Then it was time for Kate and Olivia's room

Posing in their beds
 Their dresser
 And beloved climbing wall, I mean, bookshelf.
 My two monkeys!