Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Are you amazed I'm posting?!  Me too . . .and just as amazed that I finally got blogger to upload decent quality photos!!! Hopefully I can start to play some catch up as our life reaches more of a "normal" busy.  We are moved and have been in our new house for about a month (10 days of which were spent out of town).  Somedays I am still beyond overwhelmed by all we have yet to do but I am so thankful for how the girls have done, all the help and support from family and friends and that we are almost owners of only one home (July 3 is fast approaching!!).  God has been good in more ways than I can begin to share.  But on that note . . .on to some catch up!

Ava's preschool had a Mother's Day tea back in May.  Ava was so excited for it and loved to tell me they had some surprises but wouldn't share beyond that.  It was so fun to watch my little girl that day - can't believe how much she has grown.

Standing by her classmates getting ready to sing their songs to us.

Singing one of their songs

During one part, they had to hold up signs they had made about why they loved their mommy.  Loved this.
In case you can't read it, Ava wrote, "I love my mommy because she takes me to the swimming pool."  I'll admit, being that this was in the midst of our crazy house showing phases (if I have it right, it was the 73rd person who bought our house in roughly exactly 3 months), I was a little nervous what she might say . . .that I could keep a house really clean???? : )  Thankful she saw past the craziness.

Ava and Felicity - it has been so fun to watch their friendship grow this year in preschool. 

Ava and Mommy and her flower pot she made for me

A couple more of her classmates, Mallory and Ben