Saturday, June 23, 2012


I loaded the pictures of our camera on to our computer and realized I took very few pictures of our moving week that didn't even begin to show the hours spent, all the helpers and fun had. : )

One of the things we found really helpful for Ava was trying to make her as much of the process of making our new home as possible.  She did pretty well with a roller brush and loved the chance she had one night to stay "really late."

Helping paint her room

Having fun with Uncle David and Aunt Tara

Watching a movie one morning while Mommy was trying to get stuff done

I couldn't believe how hard and long my girls were willing to work.  We moved almost all of our boxes a couple days before we moved the big stuff and my girls just kept going back out for any box that they could carry.  If only I had that much energy!

Ava hard at work

Kate and Olivia were hilarious.  They would team talk to each other carrying in boxes together - made me smile every time.

Then came the day of the big move - the girls LOVED watching everything get loaded into the big truck. It was a gorgeous day outside which we were so thankful for.  Made it seem like a day of possibilities as opposed to just alot of good bye's.  Although it helped knowing we had lots of time still to come to come back and visit for a bit.

A beautiful day and TWO grandma's -a pretty perfect day. : )

Kate and Olivia enjoying a last "hang out" session in the swingset

The day before we moved Ava got glasses!  She was super excited to have glasses like some of her big cousins and some friends.  If you haven't seen her out and about with them, it's because we're working out a few kinks with her doctor yet.  I think she looks pretty cute though!!


mom Bahr said...

how fun looking at picture with all the moving - you did an amazing job Amber handling everything! I am thankful for you & Ryan and proud of you! Grateful for your new home and to have you all settled in!!!