Saturday, April 14, 2012

Party Time!

As you may have often noticed, I tend to refer to Kate and Olivia as my two monkeys. Just hang around them for a day and you'll figure out why: they climb, they play and they get into things. : ) I was super surprised but quite please when I took them into pick out their own cake and they wanted a monkey cake. To be more specific, Kate wanted a blue monkey and Olivia a green. And that is what they got.

My two happy girls.
The "kids" table
Then we of course had to have a good game of "pin the tail on the donkey"
Kate ready to go
Ava helps guide Olivia
Then it was time for presents. When I uploaded pictures, I just had to laugh at this one. It sums up Ava a bit as well . .. most days I am convinced she thinks she is as much a mother to Kate and Olivia as I am. : )
Olivia showing off her new glasses from Grandma Great
Time for cake - singing "happy birthday!"
Blow out the candles
A happy girl sneaking sips of Grandpa's pop
Kate and Olivia hanging out with Uncle David and Aunt Tara
Daddy, Ava and Aunt Callie looking at Aunt Callie's Zambia pictures!
Then what's any good party without lots of goofing around. : )