Saturday, April 14, 2012

My babies turned 3!!

On Kate and Olivia's birthday, Ryan and I actually spent the day at a retreat with our local church. It was a great day but I'll admit that this momma was a little sad to not share most of the day with my birthday girls. Kate and Olivia didn't mind one bit though - a birthday AND grandpa and grandma's sounded like quite the fun duo. We took the girls up the night before and Grandpa and Grandma did a great job documenting the day for us.

Happy Birthday!
heading down for a birthday surprise from mom and dad
Opening their cards and present
Ava helping Olivia "read" her card
Grandma reading Kate her card
I love that Olivia still looks half awake in this shot : )
Cards, sugary cereal and a balloon = a happy girl.
The fun continued with lunch at McDonald's
Grandpa and Grandma keep piggy banks (or should I say "princess banks") at their house for the girls. This day was the first day they took them to the store to spend their money however they wanted. The selected "treasures."
Going up to pay
Ava's turn

Then Kate

Then Olivia!
The happy customers
Then it was on to the library for more than few puppet shows
When the girls came back, we went out for a quiet family dinner of pizza and presents.
Daddy and Kate
Mommy and Olivia
My birthday girls
Olivia shows off her new sandals and dress
Kate is happy about hers
Then it was home to snuggle in our pj's and watch the latest favorite: Dolphin Tale!!
Ava enjoying the fun
Still seems so unreal that my babies are 3. I feel like it was yesterday I was stumbling through life in a sleep depleted daze. : ) These days they still keep me on my toes but I couldn't imagine life without these two monkeys. They are full of silly, giggles, fun and mischief. Happy 3rd birthday my girls!