Thursday, April 19, 2012

Florida - Part One

Back in March, we got to take one last trip to my Grandpa and Grandma's house in Florida. I feel like I can't begin to share what a special place their house has been to me growing up and then to share with Ryan and the girls. In so many ways, it felt as much like home as my mom and dad's house. So many incredible memories.

Since Ryan couldn't get away from work for an entire week, my mom came and DROVE down with the girls and me. What a grandma - huh? Overall the girls did great but we were glad to arrive at my grandpa's. Ryan had sent along cards for the girls and they were super excited about their cards from daddy.
Calling Daddy to thank him
Our first morning there, Ava and I headed straight off for our daily walk into the village and for a slurpee at 7-11. : )
Playing with some of Grandma's fun crafts
Ready to head to the beach
Anna's sandwiches, a gorgeous day and Siesta Key beach. It does not get much better.
Ready to play!
a beach picture "for daddy"
playing in the sand

Then it was back to the pool at Grandpa's to swim
The girls switched around who slept where and with who every single night. : )

Ava and Kate snuggling with Grandpa (and maybe even getting to hear a "horse story")
Grandpa and Olivia in the pool
Kate and Olivia's turn for a slurpee run
Daddy joined us part way through the week and it was so fun to finally have him with us.

He fell right in sync with our morning walks : )
The other plus about Daddy being along? EVERYONE got to go on our morning walk.
Oreos + a swimming pool = one happy Kate
Olivia enjoying her snack
Ava was such a fish this trip - SOO fun. Daddy and Ava made quite the pair exploring the pool and having fun underwater "talking" to each other
Oh the hours spent in this pool - not ready to admit we won't be heading back.
Ryan and I took the girls to the Sailor circus again this year.

All "butterfly'ed up" and ready to watch
Our family
Love how intensely Kate is watching here


Mindy said...

Just reading this makes me sad for you that this was your last year. I know how special that place was to you. Thankful you had a fun trip and could go one last time!

Amy Cherise said...

love these memories...and can't wait to make new ones in SK with all of us!!! xoxo

mom Bahr said...

.... oh the joy that house brought to grandma & grandpa Maibach, as well as the joy and precious memories we all shared with them there. Thankful for those memorable days dad & I could share with you one last time there.