Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day!

We had a slow Labor Day (why does that seem like an oxymoron?! : )). It was great. We had time to get lots of stuff done, time to be lazy and just time to enjoy our little family. Sunday and sunday night, we did an intentional "staycation." A relaxing day together as family with time to worship and time to play.

Sunday evening we headed out on one of the girls' favorite things to do: family back rides in the bike trailors. We love an open evening we can just go off and have fun in them (although I think they get harder to pull by the month - but that may just be a weak mommy talking). We rode up to eat out and then around town. It was a cooler night but the girls had covers and didn't complain a bit.
Ready to go!
We had talked about setting up our tent and camping in the backyard, but decided the night was too cool. So we "camped out" in our basement. Popcorn was popped and the girls got to watch TWO movies (that was big deal).

Daddy, Kate and Ava ready to go!
Olivia staked out her sleeping bag right away
Ava thought we needed a picture of the movie and took it herself
Ready for bed!
Olivia wasn't sure she wanted to stop watching the end of the movie for a picture
Kate cheeses for mommy
I couldn't have Daddy and me miss out on the documentation!