Thursday, May 26, 2011

swimming lessons

To say Ava has come far in swimming lessons is such an understatement. While Ava always loved swimming, was strong and pretty good for it at her age, the whole concept of new things, new people and short time frame had become so big in her mind and fear would take over. It got to the point where she would scream and cry for most of a swim lesson.

After talking with the swim instructors there, we decided to bite the bullet and pay to put her in private swim lessons. It has allowed her to develop a relationship with her teacher, find the fun in swimming again and cement a skill we thought was important. So thankful we decided to do it.

I can't say enough what a blessing her teacher, Mindy, has been. God put her in Ava's path at the perfect time and she's been so good for Ava. It's been so fun to watch Ava's confidence grow and to see her make huge strides. Ryan took Ava to her lesson one week last month and snapped some pictures of our emerging fish.

Practicing her back float

Jumping on to a noodle in the deep end by herself

Swimming to the side by herself

She keeps swimming further and further on her own - so fun!

The day I thought I'd hear my daughter tell me her favorite parts of swim lessons are "jumping and going under water." I think we'll be having some fun this summer!

The best part? That night at dinner we were talking about Ryan taking Ava to swim lessons.

I jokingly asked Ava, "Did daddy embarrass you?"

Ryan and I both chuckled until Ava looked at us in complete seriousness and said, "Yes."

In shock, Ryan asked her, "How did I embarrass you?"

"When you took pictures of me Daddy," she replied immediately.

And so it begins . . . : )


Mindy said...

That conversation is too funny!!! Oh Ava, you make me laugh!

Way to go swimming Ava! You are doing a GREAT job!!!

barb said...

Good job Ava. Grandma and Grandpa can't wait to go swimming with you this summer.

Jill said...

Ohmygoodness!! That is the funniest conversation ever! I love it!
Ava looks like she is a great swimmer. What a fun summer she will have!

mom Bahr said...

Wow I can't believe the pictures I have missed this week on vacation!! super job Ava....can't wait to see you in action! (great job mom & dad for taking her!!) love & hugs, mom