Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What, you mean Easter wasn't in May?!?!

The girls were all excited to decorate Easter eggs this year (well, Olivia came around . . .)

Ava ready to go

Watching mom get everything together

Kate trying to figure out what was going on

First egg in! (pink of course)

Kate was amazed by it all - too cute

patiently waiting

Daddy and Kate

Pretty quickly, the girls figured out that glamorous egg dying might be a few years away yet. : ) So we pulled out some paint the girls went to town.

Olivia hard at work

Kate diligently painting her eggs

The finished products!

Since Easter morning was going to be early, we did our Easter egg hunt after baths the night before.

Olivia showing us her "blue" eggs

Their finds

And they wasted no time digging in.

Kate showing me one of her prizes

Olivia didn't bother. Too much candy to be eaten. : )

Who knew a bunny's ear could be so delicious?

Nothing like winding down before bed . . .

Turned out it was a good thing we had already done our Easter baskets/hunt. Olivia came down with a temp of 103 during the night. So mommy got to celebrate Easter at home for the 3rd year in a row. : ) Olivia seemed much better that morning but we didn't want to chance it. She was SO sad to stay home so I let her get her church clothes on still.

Olivia at "sunrise services" : ) . . . listening on the computer

(By the way, Olivia loved her Easter eggs so much she slept with the one you see, clutched in her hand all night)

A quick shot of all my girls after church