Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this is for "someday"

Someday when Ava is a teenager and with frustration tells her mother, "You don't ever let me do anything fun!" . . .her mother will tell her a little story.

One time, when she was around 3 1/2, she hated going to swimming lessons. So every week, if she had a good attitude while there, we would take her to the store to pick out a small reward.

Well, one time, she walked in the store and saw the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen: pink hair that reminded her of Rapunzel.

She excitedly declared that this was her desired prize.

Mommy sweetly pointed out another neat prize and reluctantly she put it back.

That next week, as she headed to swimming lessons, Ava emphatically declared she wanted "Rapunzel" hair today as her prize.

Her mommy cringed but after thinking about it decided she had no valid reason to tell her no. And so Ava excitedly planned all lesson to go earn her Rapunzel hair.

And she did.

The next morning?

Ava wanted to wear her Rapunzel hair to school.

And she did.

And so someday, her mommy will pull out these pictures and say, "See? ONE time, I let you have fun."
The end.


Sarah said...

That is SUPER cute. Love it...and those sweet pink boots!

Amy said...

Love this!!! proud of you!!