Monday, February 21, 2011

first basketball game

A while back Ryan and I had talked about how it'd be fun to take Ava to an ISU event. We've heard from several friends and faculty how great women's basketball games are for kids and so we thought we'd try it. Ava was super excited to wear a pink ISU shirt and couldn't wait to go.

Mommy and Ava all ready to go

And that's where the pictures pretty much end.

Ava excitedly walked in.

Excitedly walked to her seat.

Excitedly watch the women warm up.

Excitedly pointed out Reggie the Redbird.

And the buzzer started.

and kept buzzing.

and KEPT buzzing.

You don't realize how often they use that buzzer in basketball until you're with a noise conscious 3 1/2 year old.

2 minutes in Ava said she wanted to leave.

I told her she had to wait.

4 minutes in Ava said she wanted to leave as she was curled up in my lap with her fingers in her ears.

I told her she had to wait.

As the girls would play for "extended" periods of time without a time out, foul, or substitution, she'd relax a little and enjoy but anxiously ask if the horn was going to go again?

At 10 minutes she begged to leave . . .and I agreed.

As we walked out she told me, "Maybe when I get bigger mommy."

Sounds good. : )


Sarah said...

aww, that is really cute :)